April 17, 2018

Buenos Aires Province declares Emergency in 27 Municipalities

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Late last week, the Agriculture and Livestock Commission on Emergencies and Disasters in the Province of Buenos Aires (CEDABA) declared a state of emergency in 27 municipalities in the province due to the severe drought that has impacted the region. CEDABA collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Climate Director of the National Institute of Agriculture and Livestock Technology (INTA) to identify the areas most impacted by the drought.

The emergency was declared in areas where more than 50% of the agricultural production was impacted by the drought. The provinces of Cordoba and Santa Fe are using the same criteria to determine if any municipalities in those provinces should also declare an emergency.

An emergency declaration is very important for farmers because once an official emergency has been declared, they can then qualify for benefits such the renegotiation of financial obligations and extensions of tax payments. Any further benefits provided by the federal government are yet to be determined.