August 1, 2016

Brazilian Port of Santos sets Records for first Six Months of 2016

The Port of Santos in the state of Sao Paulo is Brazil's most important port and during the first six months of 2016, the port set a new record for tonnage moving through the facility. Each month thus far in 2016 has set a record with the total tonnage for the first semester of 2016 at 57.7 million tons, which was 4.7% more than last year. In total value of products for the first semester, the Port of Santos exported US$ 26.8 billion (29.7% of Brazil's total), while imports totaled US$ 18.8 billion (28.2% of Brazils' total).

The big increase in tonnage was for exports which increased 11.1% to 43.2 million tons while imports declined 10.7% to 14.5 million tons. The three major exports were soybeans, sugar, and coffee. The soybeans went primarily to China, Thailand, and Iran and accounted for 17% of the total. Sugar went to China, Algeria, and India accounting for 9% of the total and coffee headed to the United States, Germany, and Japan accounting for 6.7% of the total. The five major countries for exports were China (19.5%), United States (11.0%), Argentina (6%), the Low Countries (4.6%), and Mexico (3.1%).

The five major countries that were the source of imports were China (19.7%), United States (17.6%), Germany (10.5%), Japan (4.8%), and South Korea (4.3%). The major imported items consisted of gasoline and diesel fuel, gear boxes, machine parts, and airplane and helicopter parts.