December 8, 2014

Spring Planting nearly Complete in Rio Grande do Sul

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The last major producing state in Brazil to plant their spring crops is Rio Grande do Sul in far southern Brazil. Farmers in the state are now wrapping up their corn and rice planting and well on the way to finishing the soybean planting as well.

Emater/RS is reporting that the corn planting is over 90% complete and corn planting will be complete by the end of December. The earliest corn that was planted in August and September is filling grain and the initial corn harvest should start by the end of December as well. Interestingly, there will be farmers planting corn and harvesting corn at the same time in Rio Grande do Sul.

Most of the corn in the state is rated in good condition except for regions in the northwestern part of the state where pockets of dryness still persist.

The soybean crop in Rio Grande do Sul is approximately 80% planted which is about equal to previous years. The last soybeans to be planted will be double crop soybeans planted after the winter wheat is harvested. The soybeans across the state are in early vegetative development and the crop is generally rated in good condition.

The rice planting in the state is also nearly complete at 96% planted. The last remaining rice should be planted by December 10th. There is ample water in the reservoirs for irrigated rice production and the crop is generally rated in good condition.

Farmers in the state are finishing harvesting their disappointing wheat crop. Excessive rainfall during the entire growing season for wheat (May-November) resulted in very low wheat yields and poor quality seed.