March 12, 2015

Rio Grande do Sul to Harvest Excellent Corn and Soybean Crops

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

While much of Brazil endured hot and dry conditions during December and January, that was certainly not the case in Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. In fact, January rainfall in the state was the highest in thirty years. The state is generally noted for periods of dry weather during the summer resulting in lower yields, but this year it will be noted for having some of the very best crops in Brazil.

Both the corn and soybean crops in Rio Grande do Sul benefited from very good weather this entire growing season regardless of the stage of development or the location.

The full-season corn in the state is a little over 50% harvested, but in key corn growing regions such as Santa Rosa and Ijui, the corn is 80% and 90% harvested respectively. Corn yields from these two regions are in the range of 6,000 kg/ha (92.4 bu/ac) which is surpassing even the most optimistic early assessments. Estimates are that the corn production will exceed the 4.8 million tons estimated by the Emater/RS-Ascar (the extension service).

The soybeans in the state are also expected to be very high yielding. Approximately 80% of the soybeans are in the final pod filling stage and 2% of the crop has been harvested with yields in the range of 3,000 kg/ha or 43.5 bu/ac. If these early yields are sustained as the harvest progresses, the state could easily set an all-time record high soybean yield.