May 8, 2015

Winter Wheat Planting underway in Parana in Southern Brazil

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The passage of a frontal system over the weekend and earlier this week resulted in very beneficial widespread rainfall across the state of Parana in southern Brazil. According to the Secretary of Agriculture for the state of Parana, farmers have already planted 30% of their intended winter wheat acreage and the recent rains will allow farmers to accelerate their wheat planting.

Of the wheat that has already been planted, 57% is germinating and 43% is in vegetative development. The early rating of the crop indicates that 99% of the wheat is in excellent condition and 1% is in average condition. Farmers in the state are expected to plant 1.35 million hectares of wheat which would be nearly equal to last year.

The weather continues to be good for wheat planting and early development. In far northern Parana in the city of Cornelio Procopio, 75% of the wheat has already been planted and the region received between 30 to 100 mm of rainfall this week (1.2 to 4 inches) which will help the wheat get off to a good start. Farmers are expected to finish their wheat planting as soil conditions permit.

In the city of Campo Mourao, located in the center-north region of the state, good rains fell earlier this week which will not only be beneficial for the recently planted wheat and oats, but the moisture will also be beneficial for the safrinha corn in the region which is in the process of filling grain.

In Cascavel in western Parana, the week started with rainfall and falling temperatures. The low temperature in the city on Monday morning was 13 Celsius (55 F) and the area received approximately 70 mm of precipitation or 2.8 inches.

In southwestern Parana at the city of Francisco Beltrao, they received 50 mm of precipitation (2 inches) over the weekend and earlier this week and temperatures fell to 5.6 Celsius (42 F) which was the coldest temperatures of the year thus far.

Most of the wheat in Parana is planted during May and harvested during October.